9:30 - The Lord's Supper
10:15 - Prayer and Sunday school
11:00 - Bible teaching

For information call - 227-5944
Community Bible Fellowship
An assembly of believers seeking to understand and follow God's Word
Ministries of Community Bible Fellowship -
Frontier Bible Camp - Located at Camp Elohim (Troy, MT) on Hwy 56 south of Hwy 2.  A place where young people of all
ages learn about the Word of God, have lots of fun, and make lots of friends.
High Trails Expeditions - Backpacking Bible camps in the mountains throughout Montana taking groups of up to 16 kids
and leaders into the wilderness for 4 to 8 days.  There is hiking, Bible lessons, good food, lots of fun and memories.  There
are three different age levels -  Juniors, Intermediate, and Seniors.
Study Days - A Saturday in May and in November when we get together to study the Word of God.
Ministries with Stevensville Bible Chapel and Mountain View Chapel -
Upcoming events -

May 14 - Helena Bible Study Day - Hermeneutics

June 20-25 - Frontier Bible Camp
Youth Retreats - A Saturday in October when young people get together to study the Word of God.